Compensation for a work caused skin disease

When it comes to working in any environment, it is always important to ensure that we are working in both a safe and hygienic environment, so that when we leave at the end of the day we leave behind any disease or germs that we may have encountered in the workplace. In many situations we may come into contact with a range of diseases or germs within the workplace and if the correct precautions aren’t taken, these could have a potentially poor effect on our health.

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There are a number of irritants or chemicals that you could come into contact with in the workplace and as a result you can be left with fairly serious skin problems. In a workplace your employer has a responsibility to ensure that your working environment is consistently safe and free of any potential hazards, if they have failed to do this and you have received an injury as a result then you could be eligible to make a claim.

What is a work caused skin disease?

A work caused skin disease is any skin problem that you contract as a result of some form of irritant in your working environment. This could include a range of common dermatitis conditions, but could also extend to far more dangerous diseases including urticarial and skin cancer.

There are a number of jobs where you are particularly at risk of contracting a skin disease and these including motor mechanics, construction workers, hairdressers, caterers and anyone who works in the healthcare industry. 

What types of diseases can I contract?

There are a number of different diseases that you can contract, but some of the most common include:

Dermatitis – Is the most common form of skin disease and can consist of a rash or number or rashes which indicate an allergic reaction to some form of chemical, liquid or substance

Chemical diseases – Can occur when you come into contact with a dangerous chemical, this can include anything that is spilled or splashed onto you

Urticaria – Is a skin disease that appears almost straight away upon contact, but is quite minor and can disappear quite quickly after the contaminent is removed

Skin cancer – Can happen after too much exposure to the sun and harmful rays.

Who could I make a claim against?

When it comes to making a claim for compensation against a work related skin disease the most common person to make a claim against is your employer. This could be the case if you feel that your employer has been negligent towards you and as a result you have been left in a situation where the correct safety precautions weren’t taken and the correct safety equipment wasn’t provided.

What should I do now?

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