Compensation for Accidents in the Kitchen

When it comes to eating at home, the kitchen is one area of the house that we commonly use. Whether it’s preparing food, cleaning clothes or completing basic household chores, our kitchens contain a wide range of accessories and appliances to help us complete our everyday activities.

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As the kitchen is home to both a range of electrical and gas appliances, in addition to a number of sharp tools, it’s an area where without the correct precautions we can be easily injured. Whether it’s a cut from a knife, a faulty appliance, or a burn from a hot surface, not taking the proper safety measures, or simply the negligence of a manufacturer, can lead to a whole host of injuries. 

How can my kitchen be dangerous?

Although the kitchen may look like a relatively safe area, there are a number of accidents that can occur if the correct safety guidelines are not met – and this may not be through any fault of your own. Appliances which do not correctly meet the safety guidelines, are faulty in production or have been left in the wrong environment could malfunction causing electrical injuries and potentially leading to serious injuries. 

The kitchen is also an area where a number of sharp implements such as knives and graters are used. If these items are not used correctly or if they are faulty then you could end up with serious cuts and grazes or even potentially the loss of a finger. 

What are some common causes of kitchen injuries?

There are a number of objects and appliances in our kitchens that can cause injuries. Some of the most common include:

  • Stoves – either gas or electrical stoves can present a potential fire hazard in the kitchen, they can also lead to a number of burns if hot plates are left unattended
  • Mixers, food processors and other appliances – if your purchase a faulty appliance and it malfunctions then it could cause you an injury, in this case you may be able to claim
  • Negligence – if another person leaves a spill on the floor and you slip and injure yourself then you may be able to claim
  • Knives – commonly used for chopping food, it the knife is not properly maintained or breaks, you could find yourself with cuts or bruises.

What are some common injuries?

Many injuries can occur in the kitchen, but some of the most common ones include:

  • Cuts and grazes from sharp tools and implements
  • Burns from hot surfaces such as the stove
  • Electrical injuries including electric shock 
  • Trips and falls from things that may have been dropped or spilt on the floor. 

How can I claim?

When it comes to claiming in the kitchen, you may be eligible if the injury was caused through no fault of your own. At Manners Pimblett we have years of experience dealing with personal injury claims and we can guide you throughout the process, ensuring the you receive the compensation you deserve.

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