Compensation for Accidents on a Farm

When it comes to taking up a relaxing hobby or occupation many people choose the farm life as a great alternative to the traditional hustle and bustle of working in the city. Whether it’s raising cattle, growing produce or simply hobby farming, this type of lifestyle can offer a wide range of occupations to people who are perhaps looking to try something that is a little different, or maybe they just prefer the country air.

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When it comes to working on a farm in general you will be working in close proximity to some fairly dangerous situations and this could lead to some serious injuries. Whether it’s farm machinery which may malfunction or even problems with the cattle, there are many situations where you could be left injured through no fault of your own. If this occurs while you are on a farm then you could consider making a compensation claim.

What accidents can happen on a farm?

When it comes to a farm there are many circumstances which could occur where you could be left with serious injuries. Although some of these situations may be accidents, there are also situations which could have been avoided or which may have occurred through the negligence of another person. Some examples of these situations include:

  • Machinery – agricultural machinery can be notoriously dangerous, if you have not been correctly trained on how to use it, or you are injured as the result of faulty manufacturing then you could be eligible to make a claim
  • Falls – if you are injured while working on a farm as a result of a fall from a height, through the negligence of your employer or another worker then you could be eligible for a claim
  • Animals – it is the responsibility of the farm owner to ensure that their animals are restrained and trained properly at all times, if you are injured as the result of a farm animal which may have escaped then you could make a claim
  • Illnesses – if you are working on a farm then you must receive the correct protection from various chemicals which may be used, if your employer neglects this you could make a claim.

What are some injuries I could receive?

There are a number of injuries that you could receive as the result of working on a farm and these include:

  • Head and neck injuries from a fall
  • Chemical poisoning injuries
  • Broken bones and lacerations from an animal attack
  • Death. 

How can I make a claim?

When it comes to making a claim the team at Manners Pimblett can help you, bringing together a wealth of knowledge and expertise our team will guide you through the process every step of the way. We know personal injury law and we can help to ensure we will recover the compensation you deserve.

 To find out more information call the team at Manners Pimblett on 0845 077 0772. 


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