Compensation for an accident involving a conveyor belt

Conveyor belts are all around us, whether we are using one to transport goods from one place to another or we are waiting to collect our luggage in the Arrivals Hall after stepping off a plane, they play a big role in transporting goods from one place to another and taking the pressure of humans who would normally be responsible for this task.

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Conveyor belts like many other elements of society are machines which are designed to make human tasks a great deal easier, but unfortunately as they are still machines they do have the potential to break down. If this happens you could find yourself the victim of an injury if you are involved in this type of accident – and as such you may look to make a claim. 

What are some dangers of a conveyor belt?

Like any type of machinery, conveyor belts have the potential to be dangerous because they are generally uncontrolled and incredibly strong. A conveyor belt may continue to move even after it has finished being operated and the quick movements that it generates means it’s easy to become trapped within the machine itself. 

Many general conveyor belts use slides which overlap one another and can be lifted up, it’s very easy to get something caught in the slats in between these belts and this can lead to a person being dragged into a certain area and receiving serious injuries. 

What type of injuries might I sustain as a result?

If you are involved in a conveyor belt accident then there are a number of potential accidents which can come from this. These accidents include:

  • Accidents which involve the mis-use of a conveyor belt
  • Accidents caused by a failure to warn of the dangers of a conveyor belt
  • Accidents caused by inappropriate staff training
  • Accidents caused by the failure to maintain equipment
  • Accidents caused by the failure to adequately repair equipment.

Am I able to work closely with Manners Pimblett?

If you are looking to make a compensation claim then working with the team at Manners Pimblett can help you out, every step of the way. Working closely with us, we will help to ensure that you receive the compensation you deserve. 

For more information, give the Manners Pimblett team a call today on 0845 077 0772.

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