Compensation for Falls in the Workplace

As many of us spend a great deal of time in our workplace, it is imperative that it is kept in a safe and diligent manner to ensure that we are not injured during our time there. Unfortunately, in many situations the employer can be negligent in their safety rules and regulations and in some cases this can lead to injuries being caused.

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When it comes to working on a building site, or even in an office, trips and falls are among some of the most commonly occurring injuries. Falls from height are the most common and most dangerous types of accident and usually occur on building sites or in jobs that require working at a height such as tillers or window cleaners.

If you have recently been injured as the result of a fall you have taken at work, then you may be eligible to claim for compensation against your employer if you believe they have been negligent when it comes to your safety.

How can falls occur?

There are a number of ways that falls can occur but one of the most common is a fall from height, which often involves falling off a platform such as scaffolding, a ladder or a roof. These falls most commonly occur on building sites as employees are regularly required to use this equipment, and if it is not properly maintained, the equipment could collapse or the employee could fall and injure themselves. Falls from height are the most dangerous types of falls as the distance usually means that the impact is far more serious than a regular trip.

Another way a fall can occur is through tripping over equipment, wires or anything that is left lying around. This could happen in any workplace, not just on a construction site. In an office, it could involve electrical wiring for the computers being left lying around. In a retail environment it could involve clothing, hangars or other equipment being in the wrong place. 

What injuries can result from falls?

All falls can result in injury, but some of the most common include:

  • Head injuries
  • Sprains and broken limbs
  • Bruises and grazes

When can I claim for negligence?

All employers have a responsibility to ensure that their staff are working in a safe environment. If you feel that your injury has been caused by a lack of responsibility on behalf of your employer then you could be able to make a claim. If you can prove that your employer did not provide you with the appropriate safety equipment or guidelines, or in addition that the equipment or structures that your employer provided you with were faulty, then you may be able to make a claim. 

What should I do next?

If you have been injured as the result of negligence then don’t suffer in silence anymore. To find out more about your rights and to start your claim today, contact the Manners Pimblett team on 0845 077 0772.

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