Compensation for Injuries sustained from an Explosion

When it comes to dealing with personal injury claims there are many different events which could lead to a claim, but many of the most common are completely unexpected, for example an explosion. When it comes to explosions in general there is very little that can be done to avoid them as they are something unexpected and usually undetectable until the event, but this doesn’t mean that the correct precautions can’t be taken to avoid them.

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An explosion can happen anywhere, but usually it happens as the result of negligence somewhere down the line, this could include someone not monitoring controls correctly, the correct safety precautions not being taken or the correct testing not being carried out on equipment. Whatever the reason, if you are injured as the result of negligence then you could be eligible to make a claim.

Where can an explosion occur?

Explosions can occur anywhere but there are some common causes and these include:

  • Gas explosions – these can occur both in the home or in a commercial environment as the result of poor maintenance being carried out on the equipment in use or a leak in the gas pipeline
  • Combustion – this usually occurs as the result of a flame coming into contact with a gas, once again this can be as a result of faulty equipment, or through the negligence of a person who may be smoking in the incorrect area
  • Electrical – electrical explosions can occur as the result of a build-up of too much electricity in one area. 

Who could be at fault?

When it comes to explosions any number of people could be at fault and it all depends on the cause of the explosion and what could have been done to prevent it. If the explosion was in a workplace then it could be the fault of the employer if they have not provided their staff with the correct training or safety equipment to be able to perform their tasks safely. 

If the explosion is on public or private property it could be the responsibility of the owner who may have been negligent when it comes to performing the correct checks on electrical or gas equipment. Likewise it could also be the fault of the manufacturer if they have provided faulty equipment. 

What injuries might I receive?

Explosions can be quite serious and you could receive a number of injuries including:

  • Loss of limb
  • Head or neck injuries as the result of an impact
  • Broken bones and scarring
  • Death.

How can I claim?

At Manners Pimblett we deal with injury claims on a daily basis and we are industry experts when it comes to making a claim. Our team will work with you throughout the process ensuring that you receive everything that you are entitled to. Leave the paperwork to us and we will leave you to look after what really matters, your health. 

For more information contact the Manners Pimblett team today on 0845 077 0772. 


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