Compensation for injuries sustained in a new workplace

A new workplace can take a lot of time trying to get used to and you may not be familiar with certain requirements, meaning that you run the risk of becoming injured. Whether you work in an office or on a site, there are a number of potential things that could result in you being injured, such as the malfunctioning of equipment to trapping your finger into a draw – so making a claim could help you to recoup any losses.

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The workplace is usually a safe environment where you wouldn’t expect anything to go wrong, but it can also be very stressful and with so many employees having conflicting thoughts, there is room for negligence to occur. If you believe someone else has caused you to have an injury, then it is within your rights to make a claim against them.

How can an accident in the workplace occur?

An accident can occur at any time in a new workplace, with some common examples of where these might occur including:

·         Accidents which involve electrical equipment

·         Accidents sustained on an uneven surface

·         Accidents caused by unsecured appliances in the workplace

·         Accidents caused by general negligence around the workplace

·         Accidents which occur as a result of poor training

Who could have been at fault?

If you believe that you have been the victim of negligence in a new workplace or that you have sustained an injury then you could be eligible to make a claim for compensation. There are a number of people who could be at fault in this situation, but in most cases the blame would lie with your manager who inadequately trained you. It is important to remember that you must be able to prove their guilt in order for it to be successful.

Can Manners Pimblett help out with my claim?

Making a claim can be a stressful process and if you are unsure about what steps to take then perhaps you should seek out the help of a professional. The team at Manners Pimblett can help you out, as our highly trained team will work with you to ensure your case is a success. For more information on how we can help you, give the team at Manners Pimblett a call today on 0845 077 0772. 

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