Dealing with a work accident.

At Manners Pimblett we understand that some people who have been involved in an accident at work or in the work place may feel reluctant to make a claim. After all we are dealing with the place where you work - some may see the claims process as a negative for their career. How will your boss view you if you claim?

Let us break your working situation down. Regardless of how you perform, or how much you are paid, the workplace is required by law to be a safe working environment. The UK is world leading when it comes to Health and Safety minimum standards so every perceivable risk assessment will have been carried out by your employer or Boss to ensure that accidents in the workplace are at an absolute minimum. Some might say that we live in a "Nanny State", closely monitoring all aspects of our lives, but would you not agree that your safety at work is an important issue?

Your boss is legally required to have current employee liability insurance. This means if you slip, trip or fall in the workplace then your boss is covered. You can look for the certificate in the workplace as it has to be displayed in a prominent location, normally near the Health and Safety poster. Next time you are at work try and locate these items. Are they correctly filled in?

Here is where your intelligence comes into play - you choose where you work. Whilst the HSE buffs will tell you that we all have a responsibility to Health and Safety in the workplace - which is true but when you have an accident through no fault of your own, perhaps you slip on some spilled water and the correct sign was not displayed? Then your employer is responsible.

Finally in the current circumstances you may be concerned about your job and if you make a claim for and accident in the work place, will this render your job untenable? The answer is no. You had an accident at work, not breached company policy or procedure.

Our quick tips for accident claims at work.

  • Seek Medical advice at the earliest opportunity.
  • Complete your companies Accident Book at the earliest opportunity.
  • Make notes of time off and any effects you have suffered as a result of the accident
  • If you have injuries consider taking photographs
  • Work with your employer and stick to their sickness policy
  • If your accident puts you on the long terms sick, maintain communication with your boss.
  • Do not concern about your job security, your accident claim is against the business not your boss.

If you require further advice about making a claim against your work, then please do not hesitate in contacting the Manners Pimblett team on 0845 0770772.

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