Ears and hearing part one, Tinnitus.

Tinnitus is not a disease but rather a symptom resulting from a range of underlying problems with the ear. The ringing noise that people perceive to hear can be quite annoying and thwart sleep. Damage to hearing is disturbing and can have a varied effect on those who suffer from Tinnitus. This Manners Pimblett article delves into the subject of damage to hearing and the ear following an injury to the person or a working environment issue.

The ear and hearing

During the research for this series of articles on compensation, we have discovered that our current explanation for the compensation amounts for hearing impairment is limited to Tinnitus. Whilst tinnitus is an important injury and we have vast experience in successful personal injury cases involving Tinnitus, there is a bigger subject to the ear and hearing; subsequently this will be covered in part two of the hearing series articles to be published on Monday the 20th of April 2009.

Tinnitus what is it?

As explained in the opening paragraph of this Manners Pimblett article, tinnitus is not a disease but rather a symptom following one of a range of underlying problems or causes of damage to the ear. People who suffer from tinnitus complain of ringing or background noise in the ear.

"It is like having your own industrial power unit whirring away in your head, making my life so uncomfortable, I can't sleep and I am not a happy person for it..."

Tinnitus is more pronounced at times when the sufferer is trying to sleep. Tinnitus is not always a ringing noise (although the name derives from the Latin for ringing), it can be ticking, clicking, whining, hissing and humming noises.


What causes Tinnitus?

Obviously there is some interference to the ear that will cause this symptom as a reaction. A high percentage of tinnitus in recent years have been self inflicted by the suffer using personal audio equipment at levels higher than those recommended by the manufacturers. Although some may argue that manufacturing devices to enable high levels of sound is irresponsible, I can always remember every personal stereo I have owned carrying explicit warnings about safe volume during operation. But it is true play your Mp3 player too loud and you will damage your ears. Other circumstances that can lead to tinnitus are noisy working environments. Sound levels at work need to be regulated to ensure that workers are protected from damage to hearing. Car Manufacturers spend thousands of pounds every year monitoring the working environment to ensure that workers are safe (also to reduce legal costs). Every aspect of the production line is monitored; even the radio providing background music.

Compensation for tinnitus

Making a successful claim for tinnitus caused by someone else's negligence is not easy to prove, however successful cases have resulted in successful settlements ranging from £8000 to £29,000 in extreme circumstances. Tinnitus is not something that affects just one ear or both ears, it can even appear to stem from the middle of the head. About 10% of the UK population is estimated to suffer from Tinnitus.

Claiming for an ear injury.

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