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A vital aspect of your daily life are your senses. As a human being you traverse this life being fed data from sound, touch, taste, small and sight. Any interruption of your senses and your user experience of the world is impaired. Your capability of functioning after your accident is limited. This Manners Pimblett article is about injury to the eye or eyes following an accident and realistic compensation amounts.

Beautiful eyes

Doorways to the soul some say? Many live their lives avoiding eye contact and often business people enshrine the virtues of eye contact to gauge the honesty of a counterpart. Eye contact exudes confidence and is a hallmark of the alpha male, the benchmark of a sassy female. Emotional attachment to the eye is beyond reproach, we fall in love with our partners eyes, and we hope our children inherit our eyes.

Function and Purpose

Eyes are truly fantastic, even before we get to the biology bit. From the moment you open your eyes in the morning to moment you close your eyes to got sleep, they capture your world, they engage with your loved ones and they feed your mind with concept and appreciation. Captured colours and depth of field and send all this vital data to the brain for processing. The biological definitions of the eye play down their beauty and importance to our everyday lives. Definitions vary from the grey: organs that detect light, to the slightly more inspiring "Complex optical System", which sounds like something developed for my European hatchback.

The human eye

Thousands of years of development have gone into your eyes, from the colour or pigment your eyes shape. Your eyes are highly developed functional sensing devices, that if injured could lead to visual impairment. The fact that you have two eyes does not mean that you have a spare either or half the importance of an injury to one eye. Your eyes work in concert to provide you with the panoramic view of life you have grown accustomed to. Having two eyes also makes judging distance easier.

The anatomy of the eye

  • Cornea
  • Pupil
  • Iris
  • Lens
  • Anterior chamber
  • Ciliary muscle
  • Suspensory ligament
  • Fovea
  • Retinal blood Vessels
  • Hyaloid canal
  • Vitreous humour
  • Optic nerve
  • Optic disc
  • Sclera
  • Choroid
  • Retina
  • Zonular fibres
  • Posterior chamber
  • Photoreceptor cells (Rods and Cones)

Yes your eyes appear to be complex and they are. Man has spent decades attempting to replicate the capabilities and function of the eye, camera technology employs some of the same mechanical functions as the eye, the use of the term Iris and Lens will be familiar to some as devices to control exposure to light. But your eyes are much more complex than your SLR or instamatic camera. There is a billion pound industry catering to our optical needs. From laser optical correction, optometry, opticians to the provision of disposable contact lenses. We are in an age where eye care is technically marvellous and often funded for by a successful accident claim.

Injury to the eyes

Damage to the eyes after an accident varies from case to case. A car accident may leave the individual with temporary blindness or a nerve injury. The duration of the eye injury may also be varied. Eye injury Compensation amounts can be in the region of up to £5,600 for minor injuries, involving some pain and or vision interference. Wearing eye protection in a working environment that may injure or damage the eye is important. Such is the detriment of your eyes you should always wear eye protection and insist that such protection is provided by your boss or the company you work for. Impairment of vision that is not permanent can lead to compensation amounts up to £21,000.

Make an eye accident claim

Any personal injury that you encounter and is not your fault, is a time for you to consider making a claim for compensation. When it comes to your eyes, they complete you, they are your window to your world, take care of them and call our team today to discover how we can help you. 0845 0770772

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