Farmhouse Set Alight in Partington

An abandoned farmhouse in Warburton Lane, Partington was set alight by arsonists on two consecutive nights.  On Wednesday 11 May, a gang of youths set fire to wood and rubbish inside the building and then exploded gas canisters in the fire.  The following evening, children set fire to tyres inside the building, causing damage to the structure.  On both occasions firefighters from Sale were called to prevent any serious damage.

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In any fire, it is only luck which prevents any serious injury.  It was fortunate the farmhouse was abandoned and nobody was living there.  It was also lucky none of the arsonists was injured.

If your house was damaged by an intentional fire, then your property may be severely damaged, which may be highly expensive.  Even worse, you may be injured, and your life may be affected, dramatically.

How can I get compensation for damage caused by fire?

If you are the victim of the arson, then you may be eligible for compensation from the Criminal Injuries Compensation Authority.

However, damages claimed from the criminal authority will not be as much as those claimed from a civil court.  For example, you can claim for the pain, suffering and subsequent medical fees occasioned by injuries sustained from a fire.  Furthermore, you will be able to claim for future damages incurred, such as future medical fees and any adjustments you have to make to your life as a result of the injury.

However, in the civil court you will need to have somebody to sue, and that person needs to be able to pay the damages in some way.  For this reason you may want to ensure you have adequate insurance to pay for potential damage or injury.

How can I claim compensation for fire damage?

If your house was damaged in any way by a person or business (for example, a water company which damages the foundations of your house) then someone will usually have been negligent. If the damage was caused intentionally or negligently, then you will also be able to issue legal proceedings against the perpetrator to claim for all financial expenses, as well as for the inconvenience caused.

If your injuries are likely to affect you long-term, you will also be able to claim for potential future financial expenses, for example the cost of medical care or loss of earnings.

What do I do if I or my property is intentionally or negligently damaged?

  • Call the police, so that a detailed report can be compiled and the perpetrator found. A crime reference number will be necessary if you decide to claim from your insurance company.
  • Put a financial value on all damage and injury, by getting a medical report for injuries, and a valuation report from a surveyor.

The process can be complicated, but if you call us at Manners Pimblett we can take the stress out of it.  Our specialist personal injury and property damage lawyers can assess the value of your claim and fight for the compensation you deserve.

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