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Feet are curious parts of your anatomy. From toe to heel your feet have evolved to maximise your stability whilst carrying out a full range of activities as a human being. When your foot or feet are injured you can be laid up or off sick for weeks. This Manners Pimblett article looks at personal injuries to feet.

About your feet.

OK so we are not into foot fetish here at Manners Pimblett, but we have to admire the bio mechanics behind your feet. The ways in which your feet work is just amazing, 26 bones, ligaments, tendons and skin all working in perfect harmony to allow you to walk, run and play. From the Homo erectus to later day Homo sapiens feet have been the constant in our lives keeping us in touch with the earth.

Foot Structure

26 bones in each foot is divided into three categories:

  • Tarsals
  • Metatarsals
  • Phalanges
The foot a Practical Measurement - the international length of a "foot" as a measurement is 304.8 millimetres.


Injury to feet

Personal injury to feet at work or in another accident normally is a result of a blunt trauma. Or you drop something on them! In the workplace especially where there is a pronounced risk of injury to the foot or feet, protective footwear is essential. Health and Safety laws and the rules relating to occupational foot protection vary from country to country, but in general employees are quite protected. In the UK the HSE has strict standards in place on building sites, contractors and site workers can not get on site without their protective boots. It is seen as a part of their standard tools. But seeing as we are humans, somewhere even the strictest of health and safety rules are being flouted. Feet are great, don't drop anything on them!

Off sick with an injury to my foot

If your foot or feet are injured in an accident at work, then you should consider making an accident claim. There are often a few points to prove about the case, but once these are completed and the claim is substantiated, you can find yourself with the right amount of compensation. Compensation for an injury to your foot or feet varies but it can be up to £125,500. Of course you would get to keep the maximum amount of compensation.

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