Forklift Truck Accident Compensation

When it comes to transporting equipment, retrieving equipment from a height or putting it back up there again, then a forklift truck can often come in handy. In many industries including manufacturing, construction and transport, forklift trucks are an integral part of the workplace, and so are the people that drive them.

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Like any form of transport, forklift trucks can be dangerous if not driven correctly, and in many situations this can lead to a serious injury of the driver or of anyone in the surrounding area. In many cases poorly trained drivers, or a lack of communication can lead to a very dangerous environment for pedestrians, and they can be easily crushed by equipment falling off a forklift truck or even by the truck itself. 

If you have been injured at the hands of a negligent forklift driver, or you have worked for a company which has been negligent towards you, then you may be eligible to make a claim for compensation. 

What do I need to drive a forklift?

Not just anybody can drive a forklift truck, it takes training and discipline before you can be qualified to get behind the wheel. Forklift drivers must be over the age of 17 and must possess a full forklift license. To obtain a forklift license, potential candidates undertake a series of learning workshops which cover all aspects of forklift machinery including:

  • Basic skills and knowledge required for safe operation of a forklift
  • On the job training with an accredited instructor
  • Further training to ensure that their skills are kept up-to-date with any new legislation that comes into place.

The Government takes on the job training very seriously and sees it as a key aspect in the education of future forklift drivers. For this reason anyone applying for a license must complete a number of practical hours before they are allowed to drive. From time to time all license holders will be required to undergo refresher courses.

What types of accidents/injuries can occur?

When it comes to injuries surrounding a forklift truck there are a number of common injuries that can occur to both the driver and any nearby pedestrians, these include:

  • Overturning forklift trucks
  • Pedestrians being hit by a forklift truck either going forward or reversing
  • Pedestrians being hit by material that is falling off a forklift truck or that has been left unstable as the result of being put in a position by a forklift truck
  • Pedestrians crushed by a forklift truck. 

Who can I claim against?

When it comes to employers there are at least seven different sets of rules and regulations which tightly govern the environment in which forklift trucks can be used. If your employer has been negligent and not given the relevant forklift trucks the correct training then you could make a claim against them for negligence. You could also make a claim against the forklift driver if you believe they have been careless or reckless.

How do I claim?

Our team at Manners Pimblett know the ins and outs of making a compensation claim and we can help you every step of the way to ensure that you get the compensation that you deserve. We will work with you throughout the case to ensure that you understand your rights and our experts will guide you throughout the process. For more information or to start your claim today contact the Manners Pimblett team on 0845 077 0772. 

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