Fraudulent or fake accident claims

In latter part of 2008 - a major clamp down of accident claims companies in the South East and London areas occurred following an increase in the number of "cash for crash" fraudulent accident claims attempts. This Manners Pimblett Article looks at the negative side to accident claims management and points out how you can differentiate unscrupulous companies from the honest and transparent accident claims companies like Manners Pimblett.

Cash for crash

It would appear that a micro industry has developed where phoney companies have been established to handle fraudulent claims. The rewards are as it seems high enough to warrant risk perjury in terms of getting numerous fictitious compensation claims. Whilst the criminal has cut out the middle man and the victim the sad aspect of this is crime is that innocent accident claimants find themselves in a microscopic process. Of course your car insurance premiums also suffer. Cash for crash involved faking a car accident in order to make a fake insurance or personal injury claim.

Witnesses and photographs

If you are involved in an car accident, regardless of the circumstances always obtain photograph of the scene and any damage that has occurred. You can never take too many photographs. Even if you are at blame or fault, call the Police and get them to attend. You may think this is un-natural, but the evidence collected by a Policeman may help you follow up your case. There have been taxi drivers who have found themselves in court facing claims that people where injured in a car accident that were simply not there. One such case was thrown out by the use of accurate witness statements to the car accident and opportune photographs.

Fraudulent claims, it is not a new thing.

As long as there been insurance firms there have been fraudulent accident insurance claims. It is not a new fact of life, more yet it is an aspect of the industry that Manners Pimblett takes great time and effort to distinguish itself from. In recent times accident claims management companies have collapsed for many reasons, one of which reported that 30% of the claims they had put through (sent for legal appraisal) had been made up. The same company (or group!) reportedly employed staff who made numerous successful fraudulent accident claims.

So what's different about Manners Pimblett?

Manners Pimblett operates in an environment that is transparent and honest - we are fully regulated by the Ministry of Justice and we invite you to speak to us about your accident or potential claim before you take your claim any further. Ask us any question and we will help you with your claim. The Manners Pimblett team of personal injury advisors are polite, professional and willing to help.

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