Groin Injury Claims

Have you injured your groin in a work-related incident? Or have you recently received a groin injury due to another person’s negligence? If you have been injured in this way and do not feel that you are responsible, then you may be eligible for a compensation pay out. This pay out could include money to cover your medical expenses and costs as well as a pay-out for your loss of income, if your injury means that you are no longer able to perform your daily tasks.

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How do groin injuries occur?

Groin injuries can occur in a whole host of different ways from common incidents in the workplace to sports related injuries. Slips, falls and collisions can all be responsible for groin injuries and if any of these occur due to negligence by your employer or due to the fault of another employee then you may be entitled to compensation. If you have been lifting heavy loads above what is recommended, or if you have been lifting using an incorrect technique you can develop more serious groin problems including hernias.

Another main cause of groin injuries can be road traffic accidents. If you are involved in a road traffic accident that is no fault of your own and results in you having to take time off work and incurring medical expenses due to a groin injury, then you may be able to claim for compensation to cover the costs involved.

What can a groin injury mean?

If you feel that your employer has been negligent in the workplace and the result is a groin injury to you, then the consequences can be severe and long term. Long term groin injuries can result in serious medical conditions including:

  • Hernias – Hernias can occur as a result of a groin injury and usually take the shape of a lump or swelling around the groin region. Aside from the pain associated with a hernia, if left untreated they can cause serious damage to surrounding organs
  • Adductor injuries – The groin connects the hip adductors with the rest of the body, a strained groin can lead to adductor injuries and eventually lead to hip problems
  • Movement difficulty – Groin injuries can severely restrict the movement in the groin region making it difficult for the claimant to walk and perform their usual daily duties.

How can I claim?

If you have suffered a groin injury through no fault of your own then you may be eligible to claim compensation to cover both your hospital expenses and your loss of income costs. To find out if you are eligible and to make your claim today call the Manners Pimblett team and let our experts work with you to put the money back into your pocket.

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