Hand injury compensation

You may have been injured in a work accident or a slip, trip or a fall whilst out shopping? Personal injury warrants for you to get compensation. This Manners Pimblett article focuses on injuries sustained to your hands and how much compensation you could receive.

Hands are Mother Nature's little cushions

In a bid to protect vital organs and other bits and pieces, your brain is programmed to send lightening quick emergency responses to accidents. These involuntary actions are designed to cushion a slip or a fall. Whilst on some occasions your purpose built crumple zones such as your Clavicle (collar bone) will give or break to help arrest a fall. Most of the time you are like a little cat: always landing on your hands. This is not by chance it is by evolution or design that you can save yourself in an accident that is why injury to hands and fingers often occur.

What type of injuries?

Hands are complex but functional devices. There are twenty seven bones in each of your hands and they are in three groups:

  • Carpal Bones
  • Metacarpal Bones
  • Phalanges

Most of us have two opposable thumbs that enable us to do the human things we do. Typing this article would be difficult without them and work in itself would be a difficult proposition if we did not have our hands. So if your hand or hands are injured in a work related accident it can lead to time off sick and potentially loss of earnings. Being so complex your hands are delicate and prone to injuries to ligaments, joints (knuckles) and soft tissue.

What amount of compensation?


Severe dislocation for a thumb injury caused during an accident you can expect up to £3000. As previously mentioned thumbs are important to the basic function of your hands.
Injuries to your fingers such as fractures can command up to £23,500 in compensation following an accident and successful personal injury claim. Minor fractures to a finger are treated by immobilising the injured digit with a splint and strapping it to a healthy finger for support. So in essence for a short period of time you lose the functionality of two fingers. That has a bearing on the use of that particular hand.
A serious injury to your ring or middle finger and you could receive up to £15,750 in compensation. Although you may think you could cope with an injury to your thumb or fingers, you actually take them for granted. If you lost the use of your thumb and one of your other fingers your hand would be incapacitated. Use of your hand following a breakage of your ring or middle finger will more than likely result in extreme discomfort and prolonged limited use of the hand.
Some fractures to fingers and internal bones of the hands can command around £16,800 in personal injury compensation. So complex is the motor function of your hand that any damage can impair that motor function off grip.
Total loss of both hands can result in compensation up to £129,000 These figures are based on successful personal injury cases that have been settled in court. Personal circumstances are different as are those circumstances surrounding an accident or an incident where damage or injury has occurred to the hand.


Claim compensation for an injury to the hands.

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