Hip Replacement leaves Bramhall mum in “living hell”

A mother-of-two was left housebound for months after having her hip removed following a hip replacement operation.

Legal action has been taken against the hip replacement manufacturer after more than 100 patients made similar complaints following a metal-on-metal joint replacement.

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Doctors initially suggested the hip replacement to Sally Gration, 57, after she was diagnosed with hip dysplasia in 2006.

The surgery was performed in early 2006 and appeared to have been successful until 2010 when Gration started to suffer from excruciating pains.

In January she was called back to hospital following safety concerns raised by the product manufacturer – calling for the devices to be recalled.

Before the surgeons had chance to operate on Gration, she suffered two hip dislocations which left her in severe pain and increasingly immobile.

After the second dislocation, surgeons removed her hip altogether, leaving Gration housebound until November when she could be fitted with a replacement ceramic hip. 

Since this time she has been unable to return to work and still struggles to walk long distances.

“I started to suffer pains while bending and I knew I was in trouble,” she said.

“When I had my hip removed I thought I was facing life in a wheelchair. Fortunately I found a good surgeon who was prepared to do the reconstructive surgery. My recovery has been slow and frustrating and I’m still not right. My mobility is restricted but hopefully it will improve.”

Confirmation that the device is no longer being used at Stepping Hill hospital has been given by a spokesman.

Claims for medical negligence

Dealing with a medical illness can be tough enough without having the added pressure of further complications. If you do find that you are the victim of medical negligence through failed surgery or through the use of poorly manufactured products, you could consider a compensation claim to cover any costs that you have incurred throughout this process.

Your claim for medical negligence doesn’t just have to cover the costly expenses associated with medical bills, it can also cover any loss of income that you have sustained while being unable to work in addition to any pain and suffering that you have been through as a result of the process. 

Can Manners Pimblett help my claim?

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