Hotel Injury Claims

When it comes to going on vacation one of the most important choices that you must make is where to stay. With an increasing range of hotels our decisions are often made incredibly difficult and sometimes we simply just don’t know where to go. When it comes to picking a good hotel everyone keeps different ideas in mind, some people want a pool, others want a gym, or maybe you just want a larger room. Whatever your type when it comes to arriving at your hotel you should feel safe and secure at all times.

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Despite the best efforts of employees it is possible that during your holiday you could become injured at the hotel. This could be for a whole host of reasons, but if it is due to the negligence of the staff or the builders then you may be eligible to claim compensation to pay back any of the medical expenses that you have incurred as a result.

What kind of injuries can occur?

When you injure yourself in a hotel it can range from very serious to very minor injuries, some of the common injuries that arise are:

  • Injury due to building neglect – incorrectly constructed buildings can collapse and injure you as can poorly constructed benches, seating and tables.
  • Cleaning – if a floor or area is not dried properly after cleaning then you could slip or fall on a wet floor this could cause injuries including broken or sprained limbs.
  • Air conditioning/heating – if the air conditioning or heating is not working correctly in your room it can cause you to become ill
  • Warnings of local products – if you are not properly warned where you can and cannot drink the local water you could develop a whole host of very serious diseases including typhoid which can leave you in hospital for a long time.
  • Food poisoning – can occur at breakfast, lunch, dinner or any meals served at the hotel if they are not hygienically prepared and kept in a safe environment.

What if I’m in a foreign country?

If you are in a foreign country you may still be able to make a claim but it is imperative that you report the injury straight away to the relevant authorities. It is also important that you contact any private insurers before seeking medical treatment as there may be a certain requirement as to where you are eligible to seek treatment in a foreign country.

How can I claim?

When it comes to lodging a claim the Manners Pimblett team can help you claim back compensation for any bills that have left you out of pocket. These can include medical expenses as well as any loss of income claims and debts that may have arisen due to them. If you want to put the money back into your pocket then call the Manners Pimblett team today on 0845 077 0772 or complete our claims form.

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