I am making an accident claim, how can I help?

Your call to Manners Pimblett is the start of the claims process. Our aim is to limit any further discomfort in your accident claims process by getting the facts in a quick and efficient manner.

So what is involved?

We will ask you some questions on the telephone about the circumstances of your accident. These will include:

  • When and where the accident happened?
  • If you received medical attention or been to the Doctors?
  • If you have taken your claim to another solicitor?
  • What the outcome with the other solicitors?
  • Was the accident your fault?
  • Other people (passengers) involved in the accident?

If your claim is approved you will get to meet one of our friendly agents. Remember always tell the truth.

Meet our friendly agent.

Naturally as with every claims process we need to send a professional agent to obtain as many facts as possible. This appointment is made at a convenient time for you. Our nationwide coverage of agents is waiting to help you in your claims process. There is no fee for this.

How can you help us?

Try to recall as much information as possible; it would help if you have made notes of key points surrounding your accident. Registration Numbers, makes and models of cars etc. (if a road traffic accident). If you were aware of any witnesses to the accident then it would help if you have their details. If you have information about any medical treatment you have received after your accident this will help too. The information you can provide us with can help determine the success or failure of your accident claim. As with any legal process, your accident claim has to be founded on facts.


A fact is anything that can be perceived by one or all of the five senses, so our agents will ask questions to obtain the bare facts about your accident.



Top Tip:- Try and remember what you were doing just before the accident - if you find this difficult, try going as far back before the accident that day and remember what you had for breakfast or what clothes you were wearing. Try and write your findings down. This will help us get an accurate picture of your accident.


What next?

See our next article to see part two of the accident claims process. In the mean time if you wish to speak to one of the Manners Pimblett, team then please do not hesitate in contacting us on 0845 077 0772 

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