Injuries Sustained from Riots

Riots are something that we would usually never expect to happen, especially in the UK. But in our ever changing world it seems that more frequently we are subjected to things that we never thought would happen in our lifetime. Unfortunately when it comes to riots their unexpected nature means that many innocent people can find themselves caught up among the carnage and can often be quite badly injured as a result.

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Riots can often involve fires and a great deal of damage to property, this can lead to people being caught in the fires or being cut or injured from flying glass, broken bottles or even petrol bombs. In addition, many people who choose to stand up to the rioters can often be injured in fights. 

What happens during a riot?

Riots are usually a form of aggravated public protest where a group of disenchanted members of the local community band together to make their voices heard by causing general disturbances in and around their local area. These disturbances can include smashing and looting local buildings and shops, arson involving setting local buildings and cars on fire and damage to personal property. 
Although the police are normally quick to deal with any rioting before it gets out of hand, there are situations where this is not always possible and in some cases you could find yourself and your property in the firing line. Rioters usually have the aim to cause as much destruction as possible and unfortunately they often do not differentiate between who owns the property that they are intent on destroying. 
Manners Pimblett hope anyone who suffered an injury or damages in the UK riots a speedy recovery.
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