Injury what is a claim worth?

When it comes to making a genuine accident claim, it may be whip lash caused by wearing your seatbelt in a road traffic accident, a fall from any height on a ladder at work or a simple trip on a pavement; the long/short term consequences to you are not always clear.

There are the obvious physical symptoms and potential psychological effects, the trauma caused by an accident, which can leave a long term impact on you. Time off from work, physical injury and loss of earnings are the tangible effects of an accident but when the scars heal the financial implications of an accident need to be addressed.

The long term effects of an accident, PTSD and other implications also need to be considered.

At Manners Pimblett we have a simple guide to roughly identify the amount of compensation certain injuries have been known to attract. This is a rough guide and is by no means a quotation on the worth of your body or bits of it - and by no means should you take the information as absolute. Your accident claim is as complex as the next and it will take the input of professionals to fairly assess what (if any) amount of accident claim compensation you are entitled to.

  • Post Traumatic Stress Disorder from £2,500 to £64,250
  • Head Injury compensation upto £257,750
  • Eye Injury compensation from £2,500to a ceiling of £172,500
  • Damage or loss of teeth (per tooth) £600 loss of front teeth to £8,000
  • Loss of hearing upto £70,000
  • Neck Injury Whip lash starting upto £5,000 severe injury £95,000
  • Shoulder Injury compensation from £5,000 upto £108,000
  • Chest soft tissue and muscle injury £9000.00 Rib injury amount £12,000.00
  • Arm injury compensation amount £3000.00 some disability to £9000.00
  • Serious fracture to the arm £28,000.00
  • Hip minor injury £6,500.00 Severe hip injury £13,000.00
  • Wrist minor wrist injury £3,500.00 severe injury to hip £27,500.00
  • Hand Injury minor to hand from around £2,750 loss of fingers up to £129,000
  • Total loss of both hands £129,000
  • Leg injury compensation upto £180,000
  • Knee injury cuts soft tissue damage from £8,750  upto £61,500
  • Ankle injury claim up to £38,000
  • Foot injury compensation upto £125,500

Although putting a price to injury is like creating a macabre menu or price list, it is based on case law and what certain injuries have attracted in terms of compensation. This is not the norm and each case is individual and amounts cannot (and will not) be guaranteed.

The term "where there is blame there is a claim" is not appropriate; it is not about the blame it is about what you are entitled to. For more information on this subject then please do not hesitate in call Manners Pimblett on 0845 0770772. Or complete our accident claim form. We are here to help.

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