Suffering a head or brain injury can have devastating consequences on the victim and their loved ones. Although sometimes the effects are minor and short-lived, all too often the victim will suffer side-effects that will change their life forever... or in the worst cases, possibly even end it.

If you have suffered a head or brain injury in an accident or event that wasn't your fault, then you could be eligible to make a substantial head injury compensation claim. Read on to find out more...

Are there different types of brain injury claims?

Yes. There are essentially two categories of brain injury claims and they are classified into two types:

Remember, damage and/or symptoms can occur both at the time of the initial injury or can develop later as a result of swelling or bleeding within the brain.

The court will take several factors into account when awarding compensation for a head injury, including:

So why do I need a lawyer?

Proving negligence in court in such cases is often a highly complex legal area. At Manners Pimblett we are experts in exactly that - attributing and proving negligence.

Of course there is no legal requirement for you to seek professional advice, but when we offer a No Win No Fee* service the question has to be - what have you got to lose?

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