Is it a Legal Requirement to Notify your Insurance Company After a Crash?

Is it a legal requirement to notify your insurance company after a crash?

We at Manners Pimblett realise that accidents are an unfortunate and stressful fact of life. If you have suffered a car crash then our specialists understand that there will be many things to worry about. One question you may have is whether you are legally required to inform your insurance company about the crash.

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The answer is: you need to inform your insurance company as soon as possible after your accident. This applies even in the following circumstances:

  • The accident was not your fault;
  • You have not been injured;
  • There is no damage to your vehicle;
  • You do not intend to make a claim.

But if I do not intend to make a claim, why should I inform my insurance company?

Within your policy it is 100 % certain that you are required to inform your insurance company within a reasonable time after suffering a car crash. If you do not do this, your policy is in danger of becoming invalidated. It is therefore important to notify your insurance company as soon as possible. If you fail to do so, you risk not being covered if a claim is made against you both in this instance AND in the future. You may then be in danger of having to pay out thousands of pounds to fix any damage, pay any compensation for personal injury, or even having to replace your car. Insurance companies do not look lightly on this information being kept from them.

When should insurance details be provided?

If it is regrettably the case that a person has been injured as a result of the crash, the insurance details and certificate must be provided when asked for by the affected or an interested party, including the police, either:

  • At the  scene of the accident; or
  • At the police station within 7 days of the accident.

If the damage is restricted to property only, then the insurance details must be provided to the person making the claim if they ask for them. They may ask either at the time of the accident or at a later time. It is an offence not to provide that information without good reason.

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