Make a claim against a family member.

Accidents are never comfortable circumstances to endure - especially when you are a passenger in a car that is involved in a road traffic accident. If you suffer an injury as a passenger, no matter how minor (even whiplash!) then you have to consider your options - including the possibility of making an accident claim.

You may have to take valuable time off work or receive numerous treatments for your injuries, all of which adds up to sorrow and inconvenience. You need compensation for your injuries - it is your right.

If you are in a vehicle where the driver is not at fault for the accident then the issue of making a claim is normally not a problem and a simple claim against the other drivers insurance. But what if the driver of the car you were a passenger in, was at fault?

What if the driver was not only at fault but a friend, member of your family, or a loved one? Then the stakes change when considering making an accident claim.

What is there to consider here? The issue of the accident, your injury or the fact that you feel guilty about making an accident claim against a relative or friend? The truth is you have a basic entitlement to make a claim regardless of who is at fault. Normally of there is a valid insurance policy in place then an accident claim as a passenger is a formality.

Let us look at the bigger picture. Accidents happen, your friend or relative did not set out to make the car accident occur. As a responsible motorist your friend, family member, Mum, Dad, Husband or Wife will have prepared for this eventuality. They have up to date car insurance. Why else would they have the insurance? Each month as long as thy have kept their insurance premiums up to date their insurance is there for you to claim against.

Even basic "third party fire and theft" car insurance covers the driver for liability for injuring other people, including passengers - so make your claim, look beyond the family ties and the lump of metal that is the car.


Here are a few pointers to help you through the difficult time of making a claim against a family member or a loved one.

  • Talk to the driver about it. Often your support may be needed by the driver of the car. They will be a mixed bag of emotions involved (no one wants to injure a loved one or a friend) the driver will need your support. The fact that you are supporting them will help your loved one recover from the accident.
  • Explain why you are making your claim. Again you need to clarify that you have a right to claim. You need the closure as well as they do.
  • Help them to overcome the accident. You love this person and to make an accident claim against them may be seen by some as an act of aggression. Explain clearly and calmly the reason why you need to claim. It is your right and it is there right too! (Why else would they pay their insurance premium?)
  • See the accident claim as closure for the accident. Work with your loved one to get through the claims process. Your support is needed. Work together and you can overcome the stigma of family related accident claims.
  • Worried about the drivers premiums? If the driver of the car at fault had crashed into a bus full of passengers, resulting in thirty five accident claims for whiplash, then all the accident claims will be attributed to one accident with no greater significance to the premium. So why should your accident claim be any different?

Look at the accident claim as just a part of the healing process. Help and advice on making an accident claim is available from Manners Pimblett call us on 0845 0770772.

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