Mother saves baby after taxi crash

Eight-month-old baby saved by her mother after taxi collides with them after the driver reportedly had a heart attack and lost consciousness.

Alondra Gervacio, 17, and her baby, Perla, were on their way to school for the teenager's final exam when the vehicle mounted the pavement, before smashing into the front of a shop in the Bronx, New York.

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CCTV footage showed the pair being hit by the taxi, which then knocked the baby out of her buggy and then underneath the vehicle. Ms Gervacio immediately rushed to the car and managed to pull her free.

The driver of the taxi was later pronounced dead after being taken to hospital, while both mother and daughter suffered only minor injuries.

Ms Gervacio said: "If I didn't pull myself and her a little bit back it would have crashed into us and the store."

She believes she and her baby are lucky to be alive and she cannot bear to watch the footage.

The young mother went on to say: "I was putting her in the stroller and when I lifted my head up I saw the car coming. I'm like 'Oh my God.' I tried to push her on the side but I couldn't."

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