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If your road traffic accident involved you riding a motorcycle and getting injured as a result of another person’s negligence, then you could also be eligible to make a personal injury compensation claim.

Manners Pimblett has extensive experience in pursuing compensation for motorbike victims of road traffic accidents, read on below to find out more about road traffic accidents involving motorbikes, and how we can help you make a successful personal injury compensation claim.

What makes motorbike riders so vulnerable?

As well as being a lot quieter and smaller than cars and lorries, motorbike users also have to content with a number of other hazards that four-wheeled vehicle drivers would never even have to consider.

For example, motorbike users often suffer injuries caused by defects road surfaces such as oil spills or potholes (in which case it is possible to make a claim against the authority responsible for maintaining the road). They are also more vulnerable due to the lack of seatbelts and outside protection available to them.

If my injury was caused by someone else, but probably wouldn’t have happened if I was in a car with a seatbelt on, can I still claim?

Absolutely. All road users have a duty of care to other road users and especially to those more vulnerable than themselves – such as motorcycle users. Whatever the circumstances, as long as the accident wasn’t your fault, there is a good chance you will be able to make a compensation claim for the injuries you have suffered.

See our main section on Road Traffic Accidents for more details about making a claim. You can also find out how Manners Pimblett can help you claim in an efficient, effective and professional manner.

Did you know…

  • Motorcycles represent for 1% of traffic on the UK’s roads, but are accountable for 19% of all deaths and serious injuries as a result of a road traffic accidents
  • Statistics show that the chances of being killed on a motorcycle are 42 times higher than if you were driving a car
  • One in five deaths on the road are motorcycle related
  • Around nine in ten reported motorcycle accidents involve male riders
  • Last year in Britain 70% of fatal bike accidents involving a car as well were caused by excessive speed (either on behalf of the biker or car driver
  • 18% of motorcycle accidents were caused by something other than another vehicle
  • Since 1996, over 100,000 motorbike riders have been killed in accidents on the UK’s roads

If you have been involved in a motorbike accident that wasn’t your fault, whether it involved another driver or poor road safety maintenance, at Manners Pimblett we can help you claim back the compensation that is rightfully yours.

Contact one of our experts today and we can start your personal injury compensation claim, with the promise that you will keep the maximum compensation awarded to you.

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