MP calls for road safety action at Davyhulme school

Stretford and Urmston MP, Kate Green, has lobbied for improved road safety after St. Mary’s School in Davyhulme contacted her for help over serious road safety problems.

School officials claim that children’s lives have been put in danger due to the lack of a lower speed limit or any traffic calming measures, while cars double parking outside the school leave the children with no safe place to cross.

Ms Green said: “After visiting St. Mary’s I can see why staff and governors are so concerned about safety.

“I know that the school has already been in touch with the council about their concerns, and I also included the problems at St. Mary’s in the dossier that I submitted to Trafford Council at my Road Safety Day on May 11.

“I hope that Trafford Council will take the appropriate action needed to deal with these problems before a serious accident happens.”

Claire Richards, acting headteacher of St. Mary’s, said: “Unfortunately, the situation of speeding cars, double parking, blocking driveways, and stuck buses seems to be getting progressively worse.

“Just last week, a speeding car narrowly missed a group of children and their parents crossing the road. It left us all very shaken.

“I am scared that we are going to end up with a very unhappy ending - something I never want to happen or think of.”

Peter Molyneux, Trafford Council's corporate director of environment and operations, confirmed the council was aware of concerns raised about road safety around St Mary's School in Davyhulme.

He said: "The council regularly analyses police records of accidents causing injury to road users across the borough. It is encouraging to see that over recent years there are no records of such accidents on Cornhill Road.

"However, the council is not complacent. It recognises it needs to respond to local concerns such as those highlighted and continues to work hard to find ways to help alleviate the problems on Cornhill Road.”

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