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When considering an accident claim, many of the people I speak to have had an air of caution about them. Some may find it hard to believe that although it is reported in the press that this country is developing a full compensation culture (£500,000 for a cut finger reported in the press this week!), many potential accident claimants are reluctant to make an accident claim if they have not taken a day off sick from work. This Manners Pimblett article takes a look into making an accident claim if you have not been off sick from work.

Loss of earnings

Incurring loss of earnings after an accident is a small part of the compensation you can claim. Personal injury compensation normally does exactly what it says on the tin, provides you with an amount of money for an injury you have sustained in an accident where you were not at fault. The more and more people I speak to the more I am satisfied that Great Britain is shunning or turning its collective back on the so called compensation culture. The old stiff upper lip that used to denote a British person is not dead, you have a wonderful work ethic and claiming compensation is often far from your mind when injured in an accident.


"Often the potential claimant has gone back to work the next day, due to great British work ethic and professionalism. They have not even considered an accident claim..."

Claims Advisor - Manners Pimblett


You deserve to claim

If you are injured in an accident at work, just because you had no time off sick, you can still make an accident claim. You cannot be sacked for claiming, you cannot be ostracized for it, nor should you be made to feel uncomfortable. Your claim is in relation to any injury you sustained and you should respect yourself enough to enable time to recover and get the compensation you deserve.

Manners Pimblett claim tips

  • Seek Medical Advice
  • Communicate with work
  • Follow your employers policies to the letter
  • Complete the accident book

I am a manager can I claim

Just because you are in a position of authority in the company, you still have the same basic rights as the rest of the people at work. You can not feel obliged to not make a claim because it is not the "done" thing. You may have responsibility to the company and the staff under you, but you also have responsibility to yourself. Often making an accident claim is as much about self respect as it is about the compensation. You need to value yourself and if you have not taken time off to recover from any injury you have sustained in an accident, have you not asked yourself why not? You are worth more, take care of yourself.

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