Pedestrian Fighting for his Life after Taxi Hit

A pedestrian has been left fighting for his life after being hit by a taxi in Collyhurst.
The man who was discovered at 1:30am on Saturday was suffering from a range of serious head injuries after being hit by a Mercedes C220 on the corner of Rochdale Road and Egginton Street.

The man’s condition was critical and he was taken immediately to the North Manchester General Hospital. He has now been transferred to the Hope Hospital for recovery. 

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The taxi driver is said to be co-operating with police.

Head injuries

When it comes to injuries, head injuries are usually among the most serious and life threatening. Head injuries can result in brain damage or even death if not treated immediately and symptoms from head trauma can affect your ability to function properly for years after the initial impact.

A head injury may cause you to lose your ability to perform your job properly or to perform simple tasks in everyday life, it can have a really debilitating effect on your life and you shouldn’t have to suffer in silence.

What can I do?

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