Poisonous gas alert still causing problems in Boothtown

More than five months on, families who were forced out of their homes in Boothtown due to a poisonous gas alert are still waiting to return home. 

Residents have been forced to spend the Christmas and New Year period in temporary accommodation while work still has not begun to rectify the situation.

Residents were told that their houses would require approximately six months work to protect their homes from potentially dangerous gases seeping into their properties from the tip next door, but since July no action has been taken.

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Residents have been left confused and angry about the situation, as they are unable to return home or find suitable homes in the surrounding area.

Lead member for planning, Councillor Derek Antrobus said there is currently working taking place to rectify what is a 50 year old problem with poor regulation on waste disposal.

“We realise this will cause some disruption for residents over the next few months but long term this will benefit everyone living in this area,” he said.

Claims for Council or private property negligence

When it comes to dealing with situations which directly affect your livelihood it can lead to an incredibly difficult and challenging situation for an individual or family. In this situation, many families have been left homeless as the result of negligence on behalf of a third party.

In addition, if these potential health issues had not been identified it could have led to serious medical conditions being incurred by local residents. Gas related injuries can be particularly hard to identify as they often act quickly before the victim has a chance to respond, or even to realise what has happened. 

If you feel that your family has been displaced as the result of negligence on behalf of the Council or a third party then you could be eligible to make a compensation claim to recoup any damages that you have incurred as a result.

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