Psychiatric Injuries, Head Injury Part 2

We are talking about you. The very essence of you, everything that makes you, well you! Injury to the mind is probably the hardest form of injury for anyone to deal with. When you have to cope with someone you love sustaining a psychiatric injury after an accident, the consequences can be devastating for all concerned. This Manners Pimblett article and part two in the series, takes an uncomfortable look into the world of psychiatric injuries.

The brain

We have already established in other Manners Pimblett articles that the brain is a complex multipurpose part of you. To give the brain a label such as an organ, tool or mechanism is simply just does not pay it any justice. Take a look at just some of what your grey cells do:

  • Control senses: sight, smell, taste, touch and hearing.
  • Motor Control: how and when your body moves, voluntarily and involuntarily (how clever is that?)
  • Process thoughts
  • Control metabolism and toileting functions
  • Store memories and manage countless amounts of data and images
  • Control your behaviour and personality

The list is not complete and there are many in the scientific community that would argue that the brain will never be completely understood. But you do not need to be a scientist to understand that irreversible damage to the brain can cause detrimental effects to a person's life and to lives' of their loved ones.


Your marvellous Brain The human brain has been estimated to contain 50-100 billion (1011) neurons, of which about 10 billion (1010) are cortical pyramidal cells. These cells pass signals to each other via around 100 trillion (1014) synaptic connections. Source Wikipedia

Behaviour and Personality


Psychiatric Injury following an accident is traumatic. You may notice that you or your loved one has become short tempered, even angry and violent. The ability to cope with day to day life may have become impaired. Relationships with close family and friends may also be affected. Life becomes a misery for all, making the cause of the injury (the accident) a more devastating episode in the lives of all concerned. The person you know and love is hitting out.

  • You feel that you do not know them anymore.
  • You do not know yourself anymore?

Points to prove and compensation

There are always numerous points to prove in terms of culpability in accident cases. With Psychiatric injuries, negligence plays an ever important role as does the burden of proof that the psychiatric disorder indeed exists. Our experience at Manners Pimblett would indicate that cases where the injuries have displayed characteristics consistent with those relating to Psychiatric injuries have resulted in compensation amounts awarded in the region of £64,250

Comprehensive help

Comprehensive help and advice is available from Manners Pimblett on matters resulting from head injuries. Professional fees for the treatment of psychiatric injuries are always factored into a claim as is the cost of any other care that may be required. Consult with us over the possibilities of making an accident claim about yours or a loved one's head injury. We are here to help. Call 0845 077 0772 or complete one of our online claims systems.

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