Salford Car Accident Leaves Four Injured

On March 28, the A580 East Lancashire road in Salford reopened to traffic following a six vehicle collision.  The accident happened during the busy morning rush hour and left four people injured.  One man suffered a back injury and another a head injury.  Still in Salford Royal Hospital their conditions are said to be serious.

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Car accidents may be a fact of life, but we often believe they will never happen to us.  However, when a car accident happens on our own doorstep it makes us wonder.  What if I had a car accident? What would happen to me if I was injured? What would happen to my family?

What kind of injuries can I sustain in a car accident?

Crash victims suffer all kinds of injuries.  Head injuries can be devastating, leaving a legacy of psychological problems, including memory loss, depression, anxiety and mood swings.  Back injuries can lead to permanent physical injury, chronic pain and even paralysis.  Other injuries included broken or fractured limbs, or whiplash.

Why do I need to claim compensation for a car accident?

If the accident is not your fault you should not suffer in silence.  You may be incurring expensive medical fees, or need a prolonged period of time off of work.  If you are self-employed this could mean the loss of expensive contracts or even the loss of your business.  If you are employed statutory sick pay often does not equal your regular wage meaning you suddenly have to pull in your purse strings.

You may have to give up work completely, or make adjustments to your home if your injuries hinder your day to day activities.

What financial compensation can I claim for a car accident?

Drivers have a duty of care towards other drivers and have to ensure they drive safely and do not cause accidents.  If they drive unsafely and do not take account of road conditions, drive too fast or not leave enough distance behind the car in front, they are negligent.  You have a right to claim for all your expenses resulting from a car accident, from loss of earnings to the loss of a car.  You have a right to be compensated for your injuries.

What should I do if I suffer a car accident?

  1. Seek medical help and see if anybody else is injured.
  2. Take a photograph of the car and the accident scene.
  3. Ask any witnesses for a description of the accident, or obtain their contact details so you can contact them at a later date.
  4. Contact us at Manners Pimblett.

We at Manners Pimblett are experts in this area and are on your side.  When you contact us our claims advisors will assess your claim for FREE and and strive to recover the compensation you are entitled to. 

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