Sea Injury Compensation Claims

Being injured at sea can often be a life-changing experience. The feeling of helplessness and being so far away from home and even from land is enough to emotionally scar a person for the rest of their lives. Unfortunately from time to time the sea can be cruel and during severe storms it can turn from a quiet and peaceful body of water into a vicious, unforgiving monster. 

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The power of the sea can easily cause injuries as the sheer force of crushing waves, or the freezing cold of the water temperature is enough to test even the healthiest human. But if you have been put into this situation due to no fault of your own, or due to the neglect of a third party then there is hope in sight, for you may be eligible to claim compensation to cover any medical bills that you may have incurred. 

How can I be injured at sea?

Every time you step foot off land there is a chance that you could be injured at sea. Even if you are stepping onto the world’s biggest cruise liner there are no guarantees that your trip will be a safe one as you are constantly battling against one completely unpredictable force – mother nature. 

Even simply going for a swim in the sea can garner an injury if you are thrown up against a rock or get caught in a rip and this can quite quickly turn into a life threatening situation. 

What sea injuries can I claim for?

There are a number of injuries that may occur at sea and be through no fault of your own and some of these include:

  • Cruise ship injuries – if you are taken into a dangerous environment aboard a cruise ship and end up with an injury then you may be able to claim against the company
  • Tidal wave injuries – although these are a force of mother nature it is the responsibility of many tours and operators to warn you about potential dangers and if they don’t warn you correctly they could be held responsible for your injuries
  • Boating injuries – if you borrow a boat that breaks down and leaves you stranded in the ocean then you could claim for compensation
  • Swimming/surfing injuries – if you swim in an area that has been designated as safe and become injured then you also may be able to claim. 

How do I claim?

If you have been injured at sea through no fault of your own then you may be able to claim for compensation from the person responsible. This compensation can cover a whole range of costs but is mainly designed to cover any medical expenses that you may have incurred in addition to any loss of income you have suffered as a result of your injury.

If you have recently been injured in this way then give the Manners Pimblett team a call today on 0845 077 0772 and let our team of experts guide you through the process to get the compensation you deserve. 

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