Sustaining a Skull Fracture in a Cycling Accident

If you are involved in a cycling accident then there are generally a number of things that can happen, but if this accident happens with any type of impact then chances are you will fall from your bicycle and suffer from any impact that you might have. As one of the most delicate areas of your body, wearing a helmet is crucial to ensure that your head remains safe throughout this process and if this doesn’t afford you the protection that you need then you could be left with a skull fracture.

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What are the ramifications of a Skull Fracture?

Skull fractures can be the sign of an even more serious injury which you might not be aware of. Skull fractures generally signify that your head has undergone significant trauma and as a result you could have been left with brain damage. Brain damage can have a serious impact on your body, it can inhibit the ability of your body to function normally while leaving you facing a long rehabilitation, not a pleasant experience for anyone. 

Where might I look to make a compensation claim?

You could consider a compensation claim in a number of different situations, some of the most common situations where you could look to claim include:

  • Claims for injuries caused by a negligent driver
  • Cycling accidents which occur at an intersection
  • Cycling accidents which occur at a roundabout
  • Claims for the negligence of another road user
  • Claims for accidents with larger vehicles and even HGVs.

Can the team at Manners Pimblett help me with my compensation claim?

If you are looking to make a claim then it’s always good to have the experts on hand and if you are looking for a little additional help here then you could look to Manners Pimblett to help you out. Our team of fully qualified experts bring to the table a wealth of knowledge and experience dealing with this type of compensation claim, and we can help you out throughout the process, every step of the way.

To find out more about what we can do and how we can help, contact the Manners Pimblett team today on 0845 077 0772.

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