Three Injured in Bolton as Truck is Driven on Pavement.

In the early hours of Saturday morning two people were seriously injured when a truck drove deliberately into a crowd outside the Volunteer pub, Darcy Lever, Bolton.  One man broke his wrist, whilst the other suffered a broken right ankle and dislocated right foot.  After the ambulances arrived the injured were taken to the Royal Bolton Hospital.

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Unfortunately reckless and dangerous driving happens regularly, and it is easy to forget that vehicles can often be used as dangerous weapons.  If you are injured by a driver who is reckless, drunk or driving dangerously then you may have a claim for compensation.

What do I do if I have been the victim of a dangerous or reckless driver?

The first thing to do is to call the police.  The driver has committed a serious crime and the police need to investigate and punish the driver.  As long as the crime is reported you may then be able to claim compensation from the Criminal Injuries Compensation Authority.  An application must normally be made through the police, and must be done within 2 years of the crime.

However, damages claimed from the criminal authority will not be as much as those claimed from a civil court.  By making a claim to a civil court (such as a County Court) you will be able to quantify your damages.  For example, you can claim for the pain and suffering occasioned by a broken ankle and dislocated foot, and for the medical expenses incurred.  Furthermore, you will be able to claim for future damages incurred, such as future medical fees and any adjustments you have to make to your life as a result of the injury.

What if I don’t want to call the police?

The level of damages will be dependent on evidence.  You will need to prove the driver caused the injury as a result of his recklessness.  When you call the police they will take photographs of the scene and obtain witness statements from any bystanders.  They will make a detailed report of the scene which you can use in your claim for damages.

Furthermore, if the driver is charged then you will have more evidence that person is to blame for your injuries.  If he or she is convicted in a criminal court it means the judge or jury is convinced beyond reasonable doubt of his or her guilt.  Therefore the chance of him or her being found negligent in a civil court, where the burden of proof is much lower, is much higher.

Where do I go to claim compensation?

If you have any kind of injury from a reckless or negligent driver, contact us at Manners Pimblett.  It doesn’t matter if the crime was reported or even if the driver cannot be traced – our specialist car accident lawyers will assess whether you have a claim for compensation, and will fight to get you everything you deserve.

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