Who is to blame, the council?

Millions of pounds have been invested in remedial works on the nations paving. The rise in compensation claims has had a tremendous impact on your local authority.

Savvy local authorities and councils have had to act fast over the past few years to stem the growing tide of accident compensation claims. Middle England has been concerned for years about the potential of becoming another litigation fuelled country much like America. But in an age of political correctness gone made, accident claims are a day to day aspect of our lives.

Compensation culture has wedged itself into a gnarly crevice between recycling and aged council tax debtors. On a monthly basis your local councillor now convenes meetings with the agenda of compensation claims reduction on a monthly basis. The painful truth for your local council (and possibly you) is that your accident or trip over an uneven paving slab or chipped kerb, is totally unexpected and they have never been prepared for it. A simple search on the internet reveals that expenditure on compensation by councils across the country has risen over the past few years. The investment is focused on improving pavements and public paths and walkways to limit accident claims.

No one will ever take your pain away from you. Or the fact that your slip, trip or fall has resulted in whatever degree of discomfort that you have encountered, but can we really point the finger of blame at our local authority? We are not here to point the finger of blame - just to help you get what you are entitled to.

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